Red Canyon is the premier consulting and accelerator for French companies wishing to establish and grow in the US.

We help companies navigate the complex environment that can represent the US market.

Our experts have one thing in common: A perfect knowledge and understanding of both France and the US.

Our experts are carefully vetted and selected for their exceptional track record.

At Red Canyon, we study your needs and goals and help you achieve a successful establishment and growth in the US.

We will only work with clients we believe have a chance at succeeding through this lengthy and complicated process.


Feasibility Study & Business Plan

This is the primary stage. You are wondering whether you should enter the US market.

We study your business model, finances, history and industry goals amongst other things. We then deliver a tailor-made report with our analysis on whether you are ready for the US market.

Multiple scenarios will be laid out based on the risk you are willing to take and the desired outcomes.

This stage is crucial for companies and individuals with no experience of the US market as it allows us to measure your chances of success.

Business Development & Growth

Red Canyon handles the development of your business, and thus, starting from the early stages of your adventure.

Using our decade-long experience in multiple industries and our vast network of contacts, we take charge of your company development in the US.

We establish goals with you ahead of time, and work towards their achievement. We provide real time reporting on our progress and keep you informed of all major decisions and events.

Our consultants in sales and business development have a perfect knowledge of both the American and French ways of doing business. Our ability to navigate the numerous challenges entailed by both cultures is your key to success.

Exploring New Horizons

As your business starts gaining momentum, you will need to consolidate, raise capital and grow your team.

Our experts will assist you through the marketing, operational and recruiting aspects of your development. They will also stand by your side to help you secure capital through your funding rounds.

As your company become more independent, our business development services will be less needed. Our consultants will always be available in person or over the phone to help with various topics: from strategic decisions to negotiating and dealing with US clients.

Working with Red Canyon is like hiring experts with decades of experience in both the French and American market, for a fraction of the cost that a full-time employee would cost.

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